Max Thelen
Max Thelen

Max Thelen

Ashby Thelen Lowry

TOPIC: Double-Dealing by an Insurer and Corporate Defendant: A Tale of Flipping the Script on Crooked Tactics

When a school bus that was modified for a business to use pulled out in front of two riders and their wives, the injuries were catastrophic, and the facts were unusual – even dubious. But six months into the case, when the corporate defendant made bizarre admissions, and the insurer denied all coverage on the multi-million dollar policies as a result, Max and Drew flipped the script on the attempted sabotage, which ultimately resulted in a complete about-face. The story of what they did and, more importantly, why they did it will help you better understand how insurance companies work, and where their pressure points are.

ABOUT Max Thelen

Max brings a wealth of experience, a passion for finding strategic solutions to difficult problems, and an industrious ethic to every case. He devotes himself to exceptional client service and is regularly associated by some of the best trial lawyers in Georgia and the nation to assist in high-value cases. Max is sought out to analyze thorny predicaments, distill complicated issues, and develop elegant solutions that maximize value and efficiently achieve results.

Max has handled catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases in state and federal courts throughout Georgia in all phases of litigation and trial, including in appeals all the way up to the Supreme Court of Georgia. He is an excellent communicator with an accomplished track record of successfully briefing complex legal issues to give courts the tools to reach just outcomes for his clients.

Max routinely serves clients in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases and is often called upon by other attorneys to help plan discovery and trial strategy, brief and argue critical motions and appeals, and serve as embedded appellate counsel at trial. Even if you do not need to associate additional counsel, Max is always happy to talk through issues and help other lawyers who are seeking justice for their clients.

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