Matthew Roden

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TOPIC: Cruising to Success: The Advantages of a Niche, Motorcycle Injury Practice

Many personal injury law firms struggle to build an efficient and effective firm due to lack of focus or specialty, especially in a crowded market. Building a niche, motorcycle injury practice fixes this problem. Real financial figures and key performance indicators will be shared to make the case that a narrowly tailored firm focused on motorcycle injury cases is superior to a general personal injury practice.

ABOUT Matthew Roden

Matthew “Matt” Roden grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama School of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration. He is licensed to practice law in the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Since 2019, he has dedicated his personal injury practice to aiding injured riders having recovered over $25 million on their behalf. Prior to practicing law, Matt worked as an investment banker advising businesses undergoing a sale or in need of strategic exit planning. This background leads him to approach his personal injury practice as a business first and a law firm second. It also uniquely positions him to view a law firm from the perspective of the non-lawyer money (private equity, etc.) entering the personal injury market as a result the barriers being broken down by non-lawyer ownership.

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