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An image of Lyn Kiehl

Lyn Kiehl


TOPIC: How to Better Understand and Use Neuroimaging in motorcycle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Individuals with a head injury/brain injury will often receive Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)scans in the days, weeks, and months after a crash as part of their routine clinical care. there is also an increasing number of facilities and providers offering advanced MRI/Diffusion Tensor Imagin (DTI) data collection and analysis services to attorneys and their clients, but these scans and analyssis methods are of varing quality. This presentation will cover the clinical uses of both types of scans, what attorneys need to understand about the different scans and why, how to evaluate advanced imaging options, and how to use neuroimaging data most effectively in traumatic brain injury cases.

ABOUT Lyn Kiehl

Lyn Gaudet Kiehl is an attorney with a private practice in New Mexico, LK LEGAL LLC, and part of The Law Offices of Erica Chavez in California. She specializes in medical case management, neuroimaging, and client relationships in traumatic brain injury cases. She is a science nerd at heart and loves to talk with attorneys about how a better understanding of the medicine in brain injury helps them be better advocates and maximize the recovery for their clients.

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