Josh Hostilo


ABOUT Josh Hostilo

Josh Hostilo stands at the forefront of legal tech innovation as the esteemed Product Leader at LeadDocket, where his primary mission is to refine and elevate law firm intake management practices. With an impressive background in law firm management, Josh has demonstrated his prowess by significantly expanding a law firm's reach to 10 distinct office locations, alongside tripling its revenue—a testament to his strategic vision and leadership. 
His journey in the legal sector is marked by a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in Marketing, Legal Intake, and Conversions. This expertise is not just theoretical but is backed by years of hands-on experience, making Josh a well-respected figure in the legal tech community. His approach is holistic, considering every facet of law firm operations to ensure efficiency and growth. 
Josh's commitment to excellence and innovation in legal tech is evident in his role at LeadDocket, where he leverages his extensive experience to streamline operations, enhance client intake processes, and ultimately, drive law firms towards achieving higher conversion rates and securing more signed cases. His strategies are not just about growth but ensuring sustainable and scalable success for law firms in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

Learn more about Josh Hostilo here.
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