Jake Palmer
Jake Palmer

Jake Palmer

Explico, Inc.

TOPIC: Initial Case Analysis from an Accident Reconstructionist’s Perspective

This presentation will show how an accident reconstructionist can help evaluate a case in its infancy through two real-world case studies. It will explore the differences between the two case studies (one positive outcome, one negative outcome) and highlight key pieces of information that indicate the potential of a case from an accident reconstruction perspective.

ABOUT Jake Palmer

Jake Palmer is an accident reconstructionist at Explico, Incorporated, a forensic engineering firm with offices nationwide. Mr. Palmer operates out of the Denver and Los Angeles area offices. He consults with both plaintiff and defense lawyers around the US, evaluating complex crashes to determine how and why they occurred. Mr. Palmer uses reliable methods, some of which are described in his peer-reviewed technical articles and in Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, a book written by Mr. Palmer’s supervisor, Nathan Rose. He prepares reports and analysis that meet federal court standards, and that results in his work being admitted at trial. Mr. Palmer holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is an accredited accident reconstructionist through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Mr. Palmer holds a motorcycle endorsement in the State of Colorado.

Learn more about Jake Palmer here.
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