Harlan Schillinger
Harlan Schillinger

Harlan Schillinger

Legal Marketing Expert

ABOUT Harlan Schillinger

Harlan Schillinger has four decades of experience in legal advertising with a passion for legal marketing, intake and conversion. 

Harlan has worked with more than 120 law firms in over 98 markets throughout North America. Currently, he is consulting privately only with lawyers who share his vision of increasing business, being accountable and obtaining high-value cases. He takes, perhaps, the most unique and accountable approach to Intake and conversion. 

Currently Harlan is in charge of business development Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys. With offices nationally, Glen has one of the largest and most successful plaintiff’s practices in America. The firm already takes on well over a 1,000 cases a month, and Harlan is positioning the firm for even more growth. 

He recently retired from Network Affiliates of Lakewood, Colorado, the nation’s first and largest Legal advertising agency, where he was the leader of their attorney marketing efforts. Prior to joining Network Affiliates in 1985, Harlan was Vice President and one of the founding partners of Madison, Muyskens & Jones advertising agency in Lakeville, Connecticut. Along with his partners, Harlan founded the first syndication TV production firm for retailers, creating television commercials that aired throughout the United States and Canada. 

When asked about his approach to legal marketing and client relationships, Harlan says, "Creating opportunities and increasing market share for advertising law firms is my #1 priority. The value of the case is everything in such a crowded market.” 

To that end, Harlan is committed to understanding each client’s business and discovering new opportunities for their growth.  

Harlan attends many attorney meetings, conventions, and prominent roundtable forums throughout the country as a speaker and contributor, in order to help attorneys to stay on top of the legal marketing trends.  

He is instrumental in the Trial Lawyers Summit each year in South Beach, FL. Harlan is both a speaker and moderator. 

Harlan is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys being a member of the unique and prestigious custom motorcycle club, The Hamsters USA. His passions are building and riding custom motorcycles and trying to play golf.  

Harlan sits on the Board of the Children's Care Hospital in South Dakota (http://cchs.org ), a special needs hospital dedicated to helping special needs children from all parts of the country.  

He is co chairman of The Hamsters USA effort each year in their fundraising efforts for this charity. Together, with his motorcycle friends, they have raised well over $2.5 million over the past 10 years. 

Learn more about Harlan Schillinger here.
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