Gabriel Stiritz
Gabriel Stiritz

Gabriel Stiritz


ABOUT Gabriel Stiritz

Gabriel is the founder of Lexamica, a legal marketing platform that connects lawyers with plaintiff claims on a referral basis. Lexamica is built to handle the distributed, national nature of lead gen from traditional media, digital, and legal creators. Gabriel’s career journey, a diverse blend of hands-on operations and creative strategy, has uniquely positioned him to realize this vision. His expertise spans legal operations, fundraising, management, and technology.

After building a multi-state nonprofit, Gabriel led a national employment law firm creating technology solutions and relationships with other top plaintiff firms. Here, Gabriel learned the intricacies of the legal industry, gaining invaluable insights into case strategies and client relationships. He also found a complete lack of transparency and accountability in legal referrals.

Gabriel built Lexamica to connect lawyers and consumers in a way that reflects the national scope and real-time nature of legal case referrals. Lexamica is a B2B platform where lawyers can refer claims to each other and co-counsel across states and practice areas. With Lexamica, you can place, track, and get paid on referrals nationwide, increasing your brand’s ROI and your revenue.

Learn more about Gabriel Stiritz here.
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