Drew Ashby

Ashby Thelen Lowry

TOPIC: Double-Dealing by an Insurer and Corporate Defendant: A Tale of Flipping the Script on Crooked Tactics

When a school bus that was modified for a business to use pulled out in front of two riders and their wives, the injuries were catastrophic, and the facts were unusual – even dubious. But six months into the case, when the corporate defendant made bizarre admissions, and the insurer denied all coverage on the multi-million dollar policies as a result, Max and Drew flipped the script on the attempted sabotage, which ultimately resulted in a complete about-face. The story of what they did and, more importantly, why they did it will help you better understand how insurance companies work, and where their pressure points are.

ABOUT Drew Ashby

Drew is an experienced trial lawyer specializing in catastrophic personal injury, defective products, and chemical exposures. Drew has litigated these issues in 15 states.

Drew is one of the only trial lawyers in the country to have secured a seven-figure verdict, an eight-figure verdict, and a nine-figure verdict, all before the age of 40. He holds the record verdict in Rabun County (GA), the record verdict in Lowndes County (GA), and the largest pain and suffering verdict in Georgia history. He holds the 7th largest premises liability verdict in the Southeast in 2019, the 8th largest vehicle crash verdict in the Southeast in 2020, and the largest verdict in any product liability or wrongful death case in Georgia in 2021.

Drew has a special expertise in cases involving defective products of all kinds, including automobiles, aerial lifts and cranes, ATVs, boats, industrial equipment, and a variety of consumer and household products. To date, manufacturers have issued four separate nationwide recalls as a result of his work in cases; most of which were issued in almost unprecedented fashion – in the middle of litigation.

Drew is also recognized as an expert in e-Discovery. He graduated from the renowned Georgetown e-Discovery Academy, has attended the Advanced e-Discovery Institute, and has been asked to speak all over the country on e-Discovery topics. Drew planned, organized, hosted, and taught at the first ever e-Discovery conference for trial lawyers.

Learn more about Drew Ashby here.
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