Dr. Randy Reese

Robson Forensic

TOPIC: The Upper Half of the Rider – Brain Injury in Motorcycle Crashes

In “The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine”, author Bernt Spiegel elaborates the importance of rider awareness and skill in safe operation of a motorcycle. But what happens to the upper half of the rider – the brain – in a crash? We will briefly review the difference between concussion and more significant brain injuries, as well as impact of injury on everyday activities and expected recovery outcomes. We will also discuss the process of assessing the injury with specific attention given to how the injury may limit engagement in every day social, educational, and vocational activities.

ABOUT Dr. Randy Reese

Dr. Randy Reese is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist with over 20 years of experience. He applies his expertise in matters involving cognitive assessments of individuals with acquired brain injuries. During his tenure in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Reese developed expertise functioning as the sole mental health provider in remote areas with limited resources, as well as developed policies and procedures on a national level at the Navy Medical Headquarters. He is an expert in traumatic brain injury diagnosis which includes, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse trauma. In his leisure time, Dr. Reese is also an active motorcycle rider.

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