Dr. Andre Doria,

Compass Kinetics Inc

ABOUT Dr. Andre Doria,

Dr. Doria is an ACTAR-accredited accident reconstruction expert, the CTO of Compass Kinetics Inc., and a motorcycle instructor and the Director of Research & Applied Sciences at Total Control Training, Inc. His abilities including retrieval of electronic event data from motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and heavy vehicles, as well as roadway and vehicle investigations, and computerized simulations of collisions. He performs forensic analysis on images and videos to extract short- lived evidence. Dr. Doria served as
a director on the board of the California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists
(CA2RS) and is published in the field of crash reconstruction. His motorcycling experience includes street, track, and off-road riding. He holds an Iron Butt Association membership for endurance motorcycling and has extensively motorcycled Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, and Europe, logging hundreds of thousands of riding miles

Learn more about Dr. Andre Doria, here.
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