An image of Adam Sandoval
An image of Adam Sandoval

Adam Sandoval

World Record Motorcyclist | Philanthropist | YouTuber | Social Media Influencer

ABOUT Adam Sandoval

In 2014, Adam Sandoval set the motorcycling world ablaze with a monumental 88,000-mile road trip, raising funds for veterans of our nation’s military. Since his emergence into long-distance motorcycle travel, Adam has amassed an audience of over 1,000,000 followers and has broken multiple world records, all while continuing to raise millions of dollars for charity. Over the past ten years, Adam has become highly respected among those in the motorcycle community and recognized as an expert in his own right by reaching all corners of the industry. While creating hundreds of millions of views across social media, Adam documented both domestic and international motorcycle travel, brought numerous signature products to the market, was honored as the motorcycle industry’s Man Of The Year, and maintained a reputation for inspiring people to get out, show up, and do good. In his most recent effort, Adam hit the road once again, leading The Great American Convoy, which unified the motorcycling community, putting over 2,000,000 miles on motorcycles, and raising $620,000 for our nation's heroes.

Learn more about Adam Sandoval here.
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